Here is a Natural Way To Get Rid Of Knee Pain and Water in Your Knee!

Even though your joint contains fluids in a small amount for normal processes, it is not normal when there is an excessive amount of fluid in your knee.
This condition will lead to painful symptoms. This might also degrade the normal functions of your knee joints.

A knee may appear swollen from an injury to the tendons, ligaments or meniscus. Other medical problems such as arthritis might contribute to swelling in the knee joint. Even overuse can make your knees swollen. The swelling might be within the knee joint or in the surrounding tissue. People call the latter “water on the knee.” After you diagnose a swollen knee, you can try some home remedies. If your knee remains swollen or is painful, you should see a medical professional for advice and treatment.

When the cause of fluid on the knee is not actually serious, there are numerous home remedy tips that can be used as a fluid on the knee home treatment. The following are considered effective home remedy treatments for fluid on the knee.

In reducing knee swelling, ice pack application for every 10-minute interval is actually very effective
Leg elevation is also essential. You need to elevate your affected part of the leg in order for the accumulated fluid to disperse evenly and naturally over your knee cavity. When lying on the bed, try to elevate your affected leg by putting two pillows underneath your affected leg.
Avoid smoking! Smoking decreases the flow of oxygen and blood in your body. This, in turn, restricts the ability for tissue to repair itself.
The following simple coating will help in the case of pain and water on the knee caused by an injury:


fresh egg yolk
one tablespoon of salt
Take a fresh egg yolk and mix it with one tablespoon of salt. Apply the mixture on the injured knee. Place a cellophane or nylon film ver it. Secure the coating with an elastic bandage.

This coating must be renewed every two hours, that is, to put a new one, made with a fresh egg yolk.

You need to apply five coverings in a day.

NOTE: Should your symptoms appear to get worse while on these home remedies, or if you are concerned that your knee pain/knee swelling is not subsiding, it’s a good idea to contact a doctor and have them check for a more serious problem.