See Why You Should Start Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach Immediately after Waking up!

Currently, drinking water immediately after waking up every morning, is especially popular habit in Japan. Moreover, its value has been scientifically proven!

Here is an excellent water treatment that has been found effective for old and serious diseases and also for modern ones.

According to Japanese medical society, this remedy is 100% efficient when it comes to a lot of diseases.

What should you do:

When you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, you should drink 4 glasses of 160ml of water, i.e., 640 ml.

Then, you can wash your teeth, but it is not recommended to eat or drink anything in the next 45 minutes.

After that, you can normally eat and drink anything.

But, after your breakfast, lunch and dinner you should not eat or drink anything for the next 2 hours.

In case are an old and sick person and unable to drink 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach, then, you can start by drinking water as much as you can, and every day just increase the amount until you reach the required 640ml.

Thanks to this method you will cure different diseases as it is really effective!

On the contrary, the healthy people will actually enjoy the energy during the day due to the consumed water!

How long this treatment should be used, depends on the health problem:

– 10 days for constipation

– 10 days for gastritis

– 30 days for diabetes

– 30 days for high blood pressure

– 90 days for TB

Moreover, you should use this method of drinking water on an empty stomach as it will help you feel full of energy.

Important note: In case you suffer from arthritis, you should repeat this treatment method only last 3 days in the first week, and then take a break of 1 week and re–start applying it on a daily basis.

It is pointed out by the experts that this treatment does not have any side effects, except that you will often have a urge to go to the bathroom.