Before Trying This Remedy, She Couldn’t Even Lift Herself Up From Bed Because Of Her Agonizing Joint Pain!

Nowadays, many people suffer from terrible joint pain, especially in the ankles and knees. There are various specialists, but most of them only raise their shoulders and prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to subdue some of the symptoms.

These people suffer from agonizing pain so much, that they need to keep their balance even by supporting their weight by a walking stick.

Luckily, as for almost everything, there is a natural remedy for this, too. There is a Russian remedy for arthritis that could not only eliminate the pain symptoms, but actually cure the condition.

The great thing about the remedy is that it works twofold – both internally and externally.

All you need is: a medium-sized eggplant and 1 liter of water. Wash the eggplant, slice it into rings, and then place it in a pot filled with boiling water. Let it soak in the hot water until it cools down to room temperature.
Strain the liquid and store approximately 750 ml of it in the fridge. The remaining 250 ml can be used for external applications.
To prepare the remedy for external use, you need the same ingredients as above and 50 ml of olive oil. Mix the 250 ml of the liquid you have saved up at the previous step with the olive oil and stir well. The resulting mixture should be stored in the fridge.

The internal remedy should be used as follows:

250 ml right thing in the morning on an empty stomach
250 ml at lunch time
250 ml in the evening
You should apply the external remedy on the problem areas in the evening before going to bed. Rub the liquid onto the affected areas and then fold a clean cotton cloth around them to keep them warm.

Many people who have tried this effective remedy have reported that only after 20 days of using this two-fold treatment regimen, they longer needed their walking cane to move around and actually regained their full range of motion in the knees and legs!
The best thing was that their pain and inflammation disappeared completely as if by magic!