He Slept With A Red Onion Around His Neck: When He Woke Up He Was Surprised By The Result

Did you know that onions work as an amazing blood purifier, bacteria killer, and skin cleanser? Moreover, they provide other health benefits, such as keeping the skin healthy, improving mood, improving hair`s quality, and lowering the risk of certain cancer types.

Regardless of whether you consume them raw or cooked, onions are extremely healthy. You can eat the grilled, sautéed, roasted, or caramelized, the options are limitless. However, raw onions are richer in sulfur, a mineral which provides numerous health benefits. Adding onions into your meals gives an amazing flavor, without adding extra fat, sodium, or calories.

Amazingly, onion is beneficial when it comes to thyroid gland disorder as well.  The Russian doctor Dr. Igor Knjazkin from St. Petersburg has come up with an effective recipe for treating thyroid gland, which uses red onions as key ingredient. This method is actually extremely simple and you have to do is to stick to the instructions below:

– Chop the onion in the evening, allowing the juice to flow from it
– Take the onion half and massage the neck with it, focusing on the area of the thyroid gland
– Leave the onion onto the neck and go to bed, without washing it off so that the juice does its job overnight
– Then, put an onion piece into the socks and go to bed
Besides promoting proper function of the thyroid gland, red onions eliminate bacteria, clean the skin, and purify the blood.

Traditional medicine has long used onion for many purposes. Among them are:

– Killing pathogens and bacteria
– Purifying the air
– Purifying the blood