Normally, Vicks VapoRub is used to treat cold and cough and also at times situations like headache or throat stuffiness. But it was still a secret that Vicks VapoRub can actually do many other things apart from this.

People have been using Vicks VapoRub since as many as hundred years in treating congestions and also as an ointment in many cases. But many people do not know that the ointment can be used in other things also apart from treating a congested chest or nose.

This article will guide you with almost 21 things that Vicks can help you in.

Keeps away the mosquitoes
In order to keep the mosquitoes away from you, apply little bit of Vicks or Vaseline on your skin or cloth.

Headaches caused by sinus
Apply a bit of Vicks beneath your nose and start taking deep breathes. The menthol will slowly treat your headache and this works like an amazing trick for your sinus.

Treatment for Acne
Applying Vicks on your acne 3-4 times in a day will dry out the acne to provide you with a clean skin. Not only will it remove acne but will also cleanse the affected area well.

Keeping insects away
It is already known that applying vicks on your skin keeps mosquitoes away. Similarly, if you do not want insects to disturb you in your surroundings open a bottle of vicks and keep it at a nearby place.

Get rid of bruises
Try applying vicks mixed with some salt on your bruises and you can get rid of them quite fast.

Treatment for sore muscles
Massage the affected area with vicks and then wrap a dry, warm towel on it. Do this at least three times a day to get cured from the pain fast.

Works as a moisturizer
Vicks also works as a moisturizer to heal your dry skin.

Curing tennis elbow
Not only headache and sore muscles, vicks also help in curing tennis elbow pain. The camphor and menthol helps in soothing the pain and reducing it down.

Treating heels
Cracked heels are one of the most common problems faced during winter. Cure it by exfoliating your heels through pumice stone and then applying vicks over night.

Treating fungus of toenail or fingernail
Trim your nails and apply vicks on the infected areas at least twice a day. Wear socks to keep the nails away from dust. The fungus will go away in a few days.

Cures congestion and cough
This is known by almost all that applying vicks on throat and chest removes congestion and cough.

Teach your cat a lesson
If you are tired of stopping your cat from scratching, then apply vicks on common places such as doors, windows and walls.

Healing splinters and cuts
Application of vicks helps in fast healing of splints and cuts and also protects it from infections.

Keeping horses free from reek
During races, horse riders rub a bit of vicks under the nose of the horses so that they can be focused on the track.

Removing stretch marks
In place of expensive lotions and creams try using vicks on the stretch marks and you can see results in only about 2 weeks or so.

For the pets
If your pet has a habit of peeing everywhere inside the house, keep an open bottle of vicks on the most frequently used place.

Curing eczema
People affected with eczema can try applying of vicks on the affected area. The soothing property of vicks reduces itchiness and inflammation.

Cures ear pain
If you are troubled by an ear pain, get some vicks on cotton and put it in your ear. You can feel the relief instantly. Also heating up a clove in microwave and then putting inside the ear with vicks can also help.

Taking care of the athlete’s feet
Athlete’s feet can be cured by application of vicks twice a day.

Removing warts
Warts can be disappeared if you apply vicks and then cover it up with gauze followed by socks.

Burning fat and removing stretch marks
Burning out fat is the common problem that many of individuals are facing. You will not believe but vicks can help you in burning out those fats from the areas such as abdomen and legs.

Using of vicks can help in getting cured of fat accumulations and also in removing the cellulite from your body. Not only this, it also helps in curing the stretch marks caused due to various reasons. For application, a cream has to be prepared mixing vicks, baking soda, alcohol and camphor. The mixture has to be applied on the affected area and then it has to be covered up by a black plastic. You can try applying the mixture anytime wherever you are comfortable.

VapoRub can result in rashes if applied alone because it contains a mint flavored solid white glass. When it is mixed with Vicks, it becomes a safe composition as Vicks contains aucalyptus oil. Also camphor can be harmful, and so it is recommended to make a mixture for application.

Of course only applying the mixture on the affected area will not decrease the fats accumulated. Along with the application of the cream, you also need to follow some exercises and need to consume a healthy diet.

Preparation of the mixture:

To prepare the mixture you will need the following ingredients:

Vicks VapoRub
Sodium bicarbonate
To prepare the mixture, the camphor has to be crushed and needs to be mixed with all the other ingredients. Now the cream can be stored in a glass or a plastic container.

After applying the mixture on the affected area, you need to cover it up with the help of a black plastic. Leave this for minimum 30 minutes or in many cases also overnight. This is a simple trick, so it can be done anytime such as at home or work, but the best time is to do before exercising.