Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment Because It’s Too Effective and Too Cheap

Often the cancer patients agree to chemotherapy without knowing of its negative side effects. The chemo is very much toxic but still is the lead first treatment for cancer. The only reason that the chemo treatment is still present are the money who companies provide from it. Chemo sometimes boost the cancer and it is not effective.

The unknown useful information is that from baking soda also can be provided cancer treatment. One man once declared that he cured his cancer with baking soda. The treatment from baking soda in this case, for breast cancer is the same reason that few years ago one doctor received remuneration to study and prove the benefits of sodium bicarbonate. This in the future maybe will be the safest and effective treatment.

The doctor successfully provided a program and made a successful cancer treatment protocols in addition of the fact that sodium bicarbonate indeed makes tumors more alkaline and inhibit metastasis. It can increase also the pH of acidic tumors without making any damage to the pH of the blood and tissues.

The mixture is simple by using 12g baking soda combined with 2 cups of water and low calorized sweater by your choice. Drink a sip three times a day from the mixture in every 2 hours.

The baking soda is not only useful for cancer treatment it also helps with kidney disease, diabetes, influenza and sometimes it helps even with flu. When it is mixed with water or better the water is high with magnesium content it becomes the strongest medicinal for diseases. It is also very helpful and effective with cases of radiation exposure.

The Dr. Robert Gillies already proved that the treatment with baking soda is useful and it alkalizes the area around tumors.

Baking soda – as we said before, the soda has many benefits and it is used not just as medicine but also in baking, hygiene products (toothpastes- as cleaning and whitening agent), to soft the vegetables, sometimes tenderize meat. It is known with names as, cooking soda, bread soda or maybe bicarbonate of soda. It is different from the washing soda but they do share the taste of alkaline and salt.

Connections with pH – if our pH is unstable we will not be able to resist the gunny flues or colds or any other disease. Our pH needs to be kept in safe and healthy range and also necessarily diet changes are needed which will protect us over the long term while the use of sodium bicarbonate gives us a start toward increased alkalinity. If we ever face ourselves with numbers that are up or down from 7.35-7.45 pH range we face with difficulties as low fighting against the diseases. The cellular integrity will compromise directly from the body’s extra fluids and connective tissue cells by not effectively neutralizing and eliminating the acids.

The body becomes alkalinized and negative effects are coming if this is not corrected rapidly. John Barron declares the benefits of alkaline water. It is well known that for survival the cells need oxygen. Combined, the hydrogen ions and the acid are tiding up the oxygen. Our health is maintained by oxygen. If we have more acid in our blood, the lower is the pH and less oxygen is available for use. The acid always “swallows” all of the available oxygen.

The same situation is with cancer. The more oxygen is available, the higher is the pH and the harder is for cancer to thrive.